Being an artist I listen and observe rather then putting the emphasis on my own fantasies.
I like walking through landscapes and through other people’s imagination. Nature takes an
significant place in my works as I am strongly drawn to the relation it has with chaos and
order. Being in motion is important to me, in order to stretch the edges of interpretation
and leading to more sensory modes of interacting with nature.

To create order I use photography. Using a tool that flattens time and space to a moment
of ‘truth’ may be a difficult tool. By spending time in nature I hope to find patterns that
help me decode and shift my own perspective. As this is what drives me to immerse in
realities and stories that are not my own. I find textiles very helpful in decoding certain
layers of ‘a place’ that seem invisibly to the eye. These thoughts are behind the series of
works where my photographs interact with textile sculptures and carpets that I have made
in collaboration with the people who live in the places I visit. The resulting collection
continues to grow and due to that movement it remains a collection of fragments that
remain inextricably linked to each other.