As a trans-disciplinary artist, I often find my field of work in (natural) environments
far from the Dutch farmlands where I grew up. These journeys enable me to meet mountains,
jungles and the vast desert, and also the people that inhabit these places.
It is in photography I find a great challenge to capture the plasticity of reality.
Being a stranger I find myself in the dark; a place where the cycle of dawn and darkness reveals
and obscures at the same time.
Aware of the physical patterns and reliefs that lay on earth’s surface I think to have
found a solid way to start a dialogue with the inhabitants as they build their patterns
on the many layers that lay behind the visible surface, structured around myth, belief,
history, and memory. This forms the core of my investigative endeavors: to make visible
and tangible the invisible bonds that form the mental, spiritual and practical threads between
humans and the natural environment. This multilayered investigation results in a series of
photographs that create a dialogue with woven works made by and in close collaboration with
the local people.

The resulting collection of works continues to grow and due to that movement it remains a
series of separate works that, at the same time, are inextricably interlaced.