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Threads traces

‘Tracing Threads’ is the result of my fascination with the relation between landscape and textile.
I focus on going beyond environmental or cultural values,
focused on the essential structure
of the landscape and of the textile.
Regarding my perception, it is not simply a translation of the other,
but instead one can be found in the other — the tree behaves the same in the forest as it does in the textile.
In a similar way the mind finds comfort in the distant horizon as in woven memories of here and there.
Perhaps I found a meshwork of myth and memory that connects and interweaves a parallel universe
not of deserts, glaciers, jungle and dense forests, not of way finding
or the exoticness of the other sense,
but a place that is constructed
by a million trillion threads that are witness of human perception.

Textiles made by: Kornelis Ndapakamang, Ain Tefa, Sako Bona, Ain Lin and Ain Safe