My works engage with the ambiguous intersections of memory and perception. While continuously being fascinated by infinite versions of narration bursting out through the emergences of forms and rhythms that make up the living world. In response, my works in their seemingly fragile materiality are a direct connotation to the gravitational pull of the earth.
Where patterns change by repetition in time and space so do memory and perception.

My work comes together in installation predominantly featuring sound, photographs, 16mm film and textiles.

Duration is a vital element in my practice on many levels. The number of seconds an emulsion has been exposed to light, the shutter time of the camera, the intervals between recorded sounds: time, duration, and intervals define the medium and the way it is perceived.

It helps me relate to the world as a place where the (raw) material and the human being are connected and equally important. Where there is no hierarchy of values, both domains are 1 and inseparable.